This International Education Forum is sponsored by the program for Leading Graduate Schools “Academy for Co-creative Education of Environment and Energy Science (ACEEES)” at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Human beings have acquired “Energy” in search of a 2S society that ensures “Safety” and “Sustainability”. Subsequently, we enhanced “Economic” activity through the Industrial Revolution, and now face “Environmental” problems. Since the 1970’s, our country has developed by harmonizing the 3E through policy measures, according to the requests of the times, and has come to play international roles taking 2S for granted. The Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011 made not only Japan but also the entire world recognize once again the importance of 2S that underlie 3E.

The reconstruction and development of Japan require the harmony of 3E which is different from the historical pre-quake experiences. The balance among 3E that premise on 2S depends greatly on social circumstances and regionality, and 2S and 3E constantly cross one another spacio-temporally. Such relationship is not the regular four arithmetic operations, in mathematical terms, but the cross product of 2 vectors with different directionalities. We have just entered the 2S x 3E era.

ACEEES has expertise in both environment and energy fields, and aims to nurture human resource that can lead the 2S x 3E era, equipped with the bird’s-eye-view to judge the issues that transform spacio-temporally from multifaceted viewpoints, accurate and quick self-reliant ability to extract and resolve issues, and global leadership, so as to lead the innovation.

This forum focuses on the following topics:

- Solar cell technology and other related technology
- Secondary battery
- Fuel cell technology, fundamentals to applications
- Combustion science and technology
- Nuclear science and technology
- Material science for energy devices
- Global environment
- Regional Environment
- Urban environment
- Material science for environment
- Social science on environment and energy
- Other environment and energy-related topics