Keynote Lecture

Prof. Makoto Konagai, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Title: Research and Development of Next-Generation Energy System
         -Establishing Global Research Centers to Develop Innovative Solar Cells

Invited Lectures

Prof. Matthew S. Johnson, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Title: Chemistry and the Environment

Prof. Volker Hoffmann, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland
Title: Transforming the Energy System towards More Sustainability
         –a Socio-Techno-Economic Challenge

Prof. Tresa M. Pollock, University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Title: Accelerating the Development of Energy Efficient Materials for Power Generation

Prof. Siegfried Raasch, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
Title: New Trends in High Resolution Large-Eddy Simulations of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer:
         From Fundamental Research to Environmental Applications

Prof. Angus I Kingon, Brown University, USA
Title: The Roles and Responsibilities of Scientists in a Rapidly Changing World:
         Leading by Seeking Opportunities and Creating Value from Science and Technology