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Information about Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


December is one of the coolest months of the year in Tenerife, Canary Islands, although compared to the rest of Europe, it’s still a lot warmer. At this time of year, the average temperature for the island is 17°C, created by average highs of 20°C during the hottest part of the day and average lows of 14°C during the coolest part of the evening.


Currency information Euro
Credit Card Major credit cards are accepted at most shops, hotels, and restaurants.
ATM Available at the venue.
Please do not forget to bring some money in EURO by cash or credit card for your personal expenses during the forum.

Dress Code

Please dress accordingly and appropriately for a scientific meeting. However, you may wear casual clothes during technical tour. Evenings are cooler, so it might be better to bring a jacket or a light sweater.


The voltage in Tenerife is a 220-volt alternate current and 50 Hz. If your device does not accept this voltage, please bring a voltage converter or an adapter.

Travel insurance

The forum organizers and secretariat cannot take any responsibility for accidents that may occur during the travel. We strongly encourage purchasing travel insurance (medical, personal accident, and luggage) before the trip.


You may use the internet with a PASSCODE during the forum. Please find the information at the registration office.


English is the official language of the forum.

Messages/Lost & Found

If you lost something or need some help, please approach the registration office in the venue.

Time Zone



Tipping is voluntary and is reward for the good service. It’s not an obligation.
If you think you received good service, it might be a good idea to leave a tip.

Safety tips

Always be aware of your belongings. Don’t leave bags, wallets or clothing unattended.
Don’t walk around with your bag/back pack open. Don’t carry too much cash around. Be careful with people asking for money, these are many case of scammers and organized groups who will try to steal your passport or your wallet.
If you need cash, take out small quantities every day from the nearest ATM, but don’t carry too much cash around. Try to pay with your credit card as much as possible.

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